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šŸŽ‰ New release: Online picture dictionary and Words of the Week

Hello! ēš†ć•ć‚“态今ꗄćÆ! (minasan, konnichiwa!)

In the past weeks, I've been working hard to get Kuma Learn's visual dictionary online. I have great news: the first version of the online picture dictionary is now available. You're the first to hear about it!

Online picture dictionary

The Japanese-English visual dictionary is finally online: Among other things you can:

  • Look up a Japanese translation with an English word, such as house
  • Find the English translation to a Japanese word, such as ę—„ęœ¬ (nihon)
  • Search for words related to a topic, such as words to describe time: Ꙃ間 (jikan), Ꙃ (toki), etc.
  • Listen to the pronunciation of words ("computer voice" that I have personally checked)

You can also browse eBook vocabulary:

I'm still combing through each word, picture and example sentence to ensure high quality, so only a small number of words are currently available. I'll continuously keep adding more words to the online dictionary over the next weeks! Stay tuned.

In other news...

Words of the Week (with pictures)

We missed a few weeks worth of Word of the Week, so I've put together some to catch up on below!

Example: What's the answer to the first question? ē¬¬äø€å•é”Œć®ē­”ćˆćÆć€ä½•ļ¼Ÿ(dai-ichi-mondai-no-kota-e-wa, nani?)

Example: I wish this year will be a good year! 今幓ćÆć€ć„ć„å¹“ć«ćŖć‚Šć¾ć™ć‚ˆć†ć«ļ¼(kotoshi-wa, ii-toshi-ni-narimasu-youni!)

Example: There are many people in this shop. 恓恮åŗ—恮äø­ć«ćÆć€ć„ć£ć±ć„äŗŗ恌恄悋怂(kono-mise-no-naka-ni-wa, ippai-hito-ga-iru.)

You can always revisit these words in the blog (Words of the Week, May and June).

Thanks for your continued support. If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to write me at!

Happy learning!


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